xlo electric 

The world's finest audiophile cables.

Origin: Markham, Ontario, Canada

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If you have ears, you can hear the difference between lamp cord and audiophile cables. If you want to get the very best performance out of your system, you need the proper connections.

XLO Electric makes the world's finest audiophile interconnects and speaker cables. That's it. While other companies and stores shill snake oil solutions for people who buy brands (and stories) over what they can actually hear, XLO has been selling cables whose sonic improvements are apparent even with their most affordable products.

Want to know their story? Read it for yourself. We're not here to convince you. If it cant be demonstrated, if you can't hear it, don't buy it. But you will once you've been to one of Noho Sound's showrooms.

From the XLO site:

"Started in 1991 by Roger Skoff, XLO cables leapfrogged to become know as “best in the world” by passionate users, audio reviewers and audio professionals. Roger’s fundamental take on cables was that cables should be neutral – that cables should neither add anything to, nor subtract anything from the signal, and must never distort or modify the signal in any way. And to deliver on the objective, Roger’s new cables had to deal effectively with the physics of signal transmission. Roger applied his background in mathematics to address the fundamental barrier to cable neutrality-- the fields of electromagnetic and electrostatic energy and the complex relationship between the two fields.

And to this day, be it digital, video or analog, absolute neutrality is the design goal for every XLO cable. And within the limits imposed by budget, materials and technology, this has become our reputation.

All cables are constructed using three components: the dielectric, the conductor and the termination. The choice and quality of all three components are a function of budget considerations. Materials and manufacturing processes do make sonic differences-for the better, or the worse. How these three components are assembled is referred to as a cable’s geometry.  And at XLO, geometry is key to addressing the physics of signal transmission and key to your best choice in cables-from entry to our very best.

We use the expression “sounds like nothing at all” to explain what we mean by the term neutrality. From the entry series to our “statement” line, the greater the realization of neutrality. The less you hear the cables, the more you hear the benefits of your system: the sound of the music, the recording, and the contribution of the other components.  You will notice superior detail resolution, imaging, focus and an improved soundstage, while delivering total clarity, rich tonality, and powerful bass."

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