Where Are They Now? - Fousheé


Fousheé is a special artist here at Noho Sound, why? She was one of the first artists who performed under our roof. As soon as she walked in we knew she was the one. She had the attitude, she had the soul, and she had a vision. “How has she not blown up?” Noho Sound president, Ron Kain asked.

When catching up with Fousheé nearly one year later, it’s safe to say that she is indeed, “blowing up”. She’s on her way to “take the music industry by storm” (ESSENCE). After her Noho Sound spotlight, Fousheé has gone on to perform at venues all around New York, building a snowball effect of fans everywhere she goes.

Her latest project is a genre bending album known as, Speak Up (available on all streaming services) in which she implements her influences from Chaka Khan to Frank Ocean. “Speak Up represents a milestone in my life of coming into my own and finding my voice. I was always told to “Speak Up” growing up because I was such a shy, soft-spoken girl but now I’m taking that power back and I have a lot to say. I touched on subjects from fake friends to rejection and of course love! My goal was to put a new twist on classic topics” she tells ESSENCE.

In addition to her album, Fousheé released a music video to her single, By One directed by MTV featured duo, Chalalai Fischbach & Jett Cain. Fousheé is currently working on more collaborative music and visual projects she hopes to release in the near future with some surprise artists rolled up her sleeve. We truly can’t wait.

Read more on Fousheé via ESSENCE and stay up to date with her latest projects via her Instagram.