Because acoustic panels shouldn't look like egg trays.

Origin: Carvalhosa, Paços de Ferreira, Portugal

Your audio system — no matter what it costs — will never sound better than the room it's in. Enter Vicoustic, manufacturer of the coolest acoustic panels in the world. Would you rather cover your room in egg trays? No. No one should. But some people do. Vicoustic offers panels in every conceivable size, design and color. Everything is customizable. We recommend consulting your interior designer and our installation team before you go down this rabbit hole. Why? Because diffusers and absorbers may look the same, but perform different roles. You wouldn't use snow tires in the summer. Same thing goes for acoustic panels.

From the Vicoustic website:

"Our company’s vision is to provide the best products and services for acoustic treatment. Always guaranteeing best quality of material, stunning design options and perfect results. Combined with skilled consulting and a portfolio of material from a wide range of products available under the registered trademark Vicoustic.

Vicoustic’s mission is to improve the acoustics of any environment by combining outstanding performance with attractive and modern design."

Vicoustic online: Vicoustic