Sonus Faber

The world's most beautiful speakers, from the Pininfarina of audio.

Origin: Padua, Italy

Ferrari. Pagani. Alfa Romeo. Lamborghini. Riva. Isso. All of the world's most beautiful forms of transportation have come from Italy. One designer is synonymous with the best of Italian design: Pininfarina. Only one company in audio possesses that level of taste and finish, combining classic Italian design with the world's finest craftsmanship.

Sonus Faber.

Sonus Faber are the most beautiful loudspeakers in the world. If one speaker was to be placed in the Louvre, it would be Sonus Faber. They are for those who appreciate that once loudspeakers have reached this level, they must be seen.

As every Sonus Faber is meant to be.

Of course they sound incredible. Like McIntosh, they sound exactly as good as they look, which is no coincidence given that they are part of the same corporate group. Someone high up in corporate has impeccable taste.

At this level, resolution and detail are expected, but Sonus Faber also seduces and shocks by forcing the eye to take in and relish every surface, every curve, every detail.

It's no coincidence that Sonus Faber designed the audio system for the $1.4M Pagani Huayra.

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 1.34.58 PM.png

Sonus Faber's design language is apparent in everything they've created, from the Pagani to the driver surrounds and leather on their $700 bookshelves, and all the way up to exquisite details of the luscious $120,000 flagship Aida.

Every seam, every bolt, every perfect.

What is perfection? It's when something cannot be improved upon, and the substitution of even of one seemingly insignificant part diminishes the whole.

Sonus Fabers are perfect. Just look at them.


Sonus Faber Aida

When art reproduces art. 

Here's Tone Audio's Aida review:

"Just as Verdi’s Aida took his art to its highest level, Sonus faber’s Aida takes the aesthetic and acoustic art of speaker-building to an equally lofty level...I can say with absolute certainty that Aidas offer sound and build quality commensurate with price. They have provided one of the most enjoyable musical experiences of my career."

— Jeff Dorgay, Tone Audio

That same level of taste is available even in their more affordable models, like the Venere S.


sonus faber Venere S

Classic Italian design that will fit into a New York City apartment.

The stunning Venere S offers the Aida's lovely flared top in a more apartment-friendly form factor, while retaining Sonus Faber's legendary sonic character. You can't understand how beautiful these are until you've seen them in person.

It's impossible to understand why people buy big black boxes instead of this.


Sonus Faber venere S

Let's reflect on how cool these look by a window.

Today, Sonus Faber's are penned by Italy's most respected young industrial and audio designer, Livio Cucuzza. We highly recommend following his entertaining Instagram and Facebook accounts. A fresh approach is obvious in Sonus Faber's epic lifestyle system, the SF16, whose production is rumored to be limited to 200 a year...much like specialty models from companies like — you guessed it — Ferrari and Pagani.


Sonus Faber sf16

The world's most beautiful all-in-one audio system. And yes, the tweeter wings even retract.

Here's Wired's take on the phenomenally cool SF16.

And then you have how Sonus Faber reinvented the speaker grille, by ignoring traditional approaches altogether. 


Sonus Faber serafino

Because Sonus Faber deems traditional grilles beneath them.


Sonus Faber amati

Stunning from every angle.

Sonus Fabers are available in a variety of finishes, as long as they're beautiful, which usually means Wenge or Red. Here's their full lineup. We offer them all.


Sonus Faber: Red

It's this or Wenge. Unless you make a special request.

The Sonus Faber website is hilariously modest about their design philosophy and achievements. Images abound. Their history? Not so much. Their statement on who they are:

"We can approach music in various ways. Sonus faber knows this very well; for more than 30 years they have been generating sound of the highest quality through hand-crafted and lovingly built loudspeakers."

Talk about being shy.

Sonus Faber online: Sonus Faber