Is Reel-to-Reel the New Vinyl?


Is reel-to-reel the new vinyl? We don't carry new reel-to-reel hardware, but we've fielded a few calls asking if we did. So we did some digging around what appears to be a growing trend, and came across this recent article in The Robb Report, "The Most Expensive Music of Today Is Recorded on Mediums from the Past," suggesting that reel-to-reel is making a comeback:

"It turns out the audiophiles were right. Despite decades of pundits predicting its demise, analog audio has made a big comeback in recent years, with vinyl records, reel-to-reel tapes, and even cassette tapes gaining interest in the mass market. At the high end, this has led to more interest in limited physical album releases—often produced with painstaking care using esoteric methods—and high price tags. Enthusiasts are spending hundreds on single albums in pursuit of sonic perfection and the chance to own something truly special.

One of the primary drivers behind this is sound quality. Despite vinyl’s imperfections, many discerning listeners prefer the warmth, presence, and emotion communicated through a record—qualities that are simply missing from digital reproduction. In some cases, however, it can be challenging to collect recordings of vintage performances in good condition, so some modern vinyl reissues are mastered from inferior digital sources rather than the analog master tape."

Read the rest of the story and tell us what you think...

Is The Sony Minidisc "Alien" Commercial The Craziest Audio Ad Of All Time?

Is The Sony Minidisc "Alien" Commercial The Craziest Audio Ad Of All Time? Is there any point even discussing it? What is wrong with these people? Who greenlit this? Why did Minidisc fail? How could it have ever succeeded? Who was running Sony at the time? Did anyone get fired? Who was the agency? Who hired that agency? Who directed this? Where are they now? Who was in charge of the effects? Was he/she fired? How many units were sold the day before this aired for the first time? How many were sold the day after? Or the week? Or the month? Why does this encourage piracy? Why is the alien made of felt? Why does the alien even need a Minidisc player. Why are they together? How do they know each other? WTF is going on here? So many questions...

...not one of which we'll ever know the answer to. Unless someone knows the answers and throws them into the comments.

I've got to write more series pieces. (Some people have been grumbling.)