Why White Speakers Are The Coolest


Obviously white speakers are the coolest. Just ask Tone Audio. Everyone buys black? You should buy white. Just LOOK at those badass white Focal Sopra 3's. Good thing they sound as awesome as they look, or the brand would be f****d. Do they look good in black? Of course, but if you want to be different, if you want to impress your friends with your good taste, you buy them in white. It proves you have time to spare to clean them, or pay someone to do it for you.

White makes even weird designs look like an artistic statement. Just check out the Swedish Larsen speakers in white:


Still not convinced? Pamela Dorgay, wife of Tone Audio Editor-in-Chief Jeff, just wrote a wonderful column about the merits of white speakers:

Everyone has a favorite color; mine is red, and my husband (it’s no secret about Jeff Dorgay) loves lime green. When it comes to accessorizing these are the colors that attract us.

However,  our favorite colors sometimes may tend to be a bit too harsh indoors, or too big (in the case of lime green, no offense my love).  What man or woman hasn’t incorporated black into their wardrobe, or home? It’s understated and elegant and goes with everything.   There isn’t anything quite as beautiful as a pair of black lacquer speakers or black cars. In reality, black is only beautiful without smudges or dust, which is almost impossible to achieve.  The opposite of black is white, a non-color that reflects light rather than absorbing it.  Even the smallest black speaker will look more massive than a white one; all an illusion.

Bowers & Wilkins matte white speakers blend in with the room and don’t fight with the colors you are already using, still looking bright and best of all, they always look smart. Europeans have favored white for years as they have less available light than other places – especially the Scandinavian countries. Whether you live in the Northern part of the U.S. and have more rain, or in the lower Southern states with heat, white speakers reflect light. The new B&W705’s that I’ve placed in the bedroom blend with modern as well as traditional settings, so eclectic does well too. White looks crisp, clean and pure; just like the sound.

Read the rest of her wonderful article at Tone Audio.