Why The McIntosh MA252 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier Is Worth $3499


McIntosh is the Leica of audio, and their all-new MA252 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier is their breakthrough product. The MA252 retails for $3499, but looks and sounds like $10,000. Why? Because it’s got tubes, and tubes sound better. Also, like all Mac, it weighs a ton, so you can use it for home defense. If the average brick is 2 pounds, the MA252 is equivalent to 14 bricks of ammunition. You could take down a flock of birds with it if you had a big enough catapult. Burglars may want that sound quality, but they’re going to pay in blood.

It will outlive you and your kids. If you get divorced, your spouse will want it. You'll want to look at it even when it's not playing. You want to look at it even when it's off. It's not wimpy like those plastic little amplifiers for babies. It will literally stop bullets. Your kids will want you to put it in your will. Your neighbors will be jealous. It will outlive you and your kids.

Specs? The tubes glow green, and there are four of them. Which is awesome even though the light has no effect on the sound. Also, it puts out 100 watts/channel and comes with a remote control and a phono stage, so you can connect a turntable directly to it.

In a world where nothing is built to last and almost everything at any price is mass-market junk, McIntosh is one of the last honest companies making things that are real. Built to last. Designed in America. Made in America.

Sold in downtown New York City exclusively at Noho Sound & Stereo.

Come by to hear it. Bring friends. We'll take care of the drinks.