Why Do People Still Buy Beats Headphones?

If Beats headphones are junk, why do people keep buying them? It's not like they haven't been warned. The first big story about how terrible they are was Gizmodo's back in 2015, followed by PCMag, this insane teardown by Digital Music News, and of course the famous Medium post "How's It's Made."

Has anything changed? It doesn't look that way.

Here are the most recent stories I found on Google. It took six seconds. Who is buying Beats? People who don't have six seconds, obviously.

Check out the headlines:

"Beats Studio 2.0 Headphones Earpads Are Junk"
"Apple's 'shoddy' Beats headphones get slammed in lawsuit"
"Apple claims exploding Beats headphones 'not our fault'"

This one is even better, because it's on the Beats page on Apple's site, who actually own Beats:
"Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones - Black Reviews." The review are so terrible, it looks an article about terrible headphones from The Onion.

There are tons of great headphones out there from Audio Technica, Audeze, AKG, Shure, Focal, Sennheiser, and even Sony. Take six seconds to do some research and get something amazing that will last.

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