Who Is The Best Subway Performer Who Should Be Playing At Noho Sound?


What is the best subway musical performance of all time? We're located in lower Manhattan, which means not only do we get to take a lot of subway rides, we get to take a lot of different subway lines. If you're headed to midtown, there are at least four different trains one can take. Which means on any given day, one can hear five different musical performances. Sometimes we come across something crazy.

But I've never heard anything as incredible as this rendition of Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide", shot in Chicago last year:

The performer is Slim Freedom, and totally deserves as much love as possible.

And then you've got these guys:

I started poking around Youtube and couldn't believe how good some of these subway performers are:

And then there's Mr. Reed, who is a genius:

Who is the best performer who deserves to move from the subway to Noho Sound? Please let is know in the comments.