When Public Enemy Toured With The Sisters Of Mercy. Really.


Yes, Public Enemy once toured with The Sisters of Mercy. And it didn't go well. Post Punk's story opens like this:

"Perhaps ill advised or way ahead of it’s time—given that Death Grips toured with Ministry recentlySisters of Mercy frontman Andrew Eldritch made his vision thing a reality by enlisting Hip Hop legends Public Enemy to go on tour together, along with post-punk legends Gang Of Four, hard rock band Warrior Soul, and rap group Young Black Teenagers for 1991’s “The Tune In, Turn On, Burn Out” tourThis combination was most likely inspired by the fact that Public Enemy’s third studio album Fear of A Black Planet released the previous year bore a similar name to The Sisters’s 1985 First And Last And Always track Black Planet."

But the really fun story is the concert review in the Chicago Tribune from 1991:

"Friday night`s incongruous matching of the Sisters of Mercy, Public Enemy, Gang of Four and Warrior Soul at Poplar Creek Music Theatre challenged fans to play 'spot the theme.'

The four groups play in jarringly different styles-gothic rock, rap, alternative guitar funk and hard rock-but all resist the mainstream.

The Sisters of Mercy wallows in the horror and illogic of the world while Public Enemy tries to make sense of it and shake things up. Gang of Four is alienated by society, while Warrior Soul wants to dismiss it with contempt.

The result was a fascinating cultural event and a frustrating concert in which the groups` disparities became more apparent than any shared bond."

If anyone has video from any of the shows they did together, we really really really want to see it. Please share any links in the comments