What Is The Biggest BS In HI-End Audio?


We at Noho Sound love music, so of course we love anything that makes music sound better. What do we hate? BS. And there's no BS like the BS being shoveled in h-end audio reviews. All of us have been Stereophile fans and readers for years, but the latest issue contains something that is seriously nuts. And this is coming from a bunch of true believers.

Read this passage from last month's issue of Stereophile for yourself:


WTF is going on here? Even if you believe cables can make a difference — and we do — none of us have ever seen or heard anything suggesting that "bending" your cables resets a mystery clock on how electrical signals pass through them, and that your sound will suffer as a result.

There are lot of serious people doing real work engineering the best possible hardware and software intended to reproduce music at the highest possible levels, at all price points. We carry many of those brands. But we will never sell anything we don't believe in, and can't demonstrate.

Advice: Buy what you hear, not what someone claims.

Bel Canto is great brand we don't carry. Stereophile is a great publication. Stereophile's review is positive. But hi-end audio as a hobby doesn't benefit when unserious claims about "cable bending" are buried in an otherwise serious review.

If anyone can prove us wrong about this, please tell us in the comments or reach out to us so we can try to reproduce this.

What is the craziest claim you've ever heard in audio, especially hi-end audio?

Please share in the comments.