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England's most respected audiophile electronics manufacturer, combining state-of-the-art industrial design and reference sound quality in small form factors.

Origin: Salisbury, England

Small. Clean. Modern. Gorgeous. Sexy. Simple. Bulletproof. Easy-to-use. English. Imported. Audiophile. Sound. Timeless. Power. Software-based. Wi-fi. Bluetooth. Tidal. Spotify. Chromecast. Yadda, yadda. Naim does everything.

Alex Roy loves Naim.
Chris Petranis loves Naim.
Ron Kain loves Naim.
Everyone loves Naim, because it ticks all the boxes.

You want an audiophile all-in-one system? You buy Naim. There is no alternative under $10,000.

Naim is one of the few audiophile manufacturers to merit a wiki page written by owners rather than some hack intern for $10 an hour. Why? Because Naim was one of the first hi-end audio companies to declare the CD a step down from vinyl in terms of sound quality, and develop a high-quality digital-to-analog converter (DAC). Their list of firsts has to be read to be believed.

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Naim Muso Bentley

If it's good enough for Bentley, it's good enough for you.

Naim has mastered the art simplicity in design in pursuit of the best sound possible, without any aesthetic compromise. Every Naim is gorgeous, stunning, and sonically incredible, which is why Naim is what they put in Bentleys. Yes, there's a base audio system Bentley should be ashamed of. And then there's the B&O option for people who don't know better. And there's Naim. It was so popular that Naim actually launched a Bentley edition of their top-rated Mu-So systems.

What's a Mu-So or Uniti? It's what we recommend as the first step into audiophile lifestyle products.

The Mu-So Qb is Naim's entry-level all-in-one audio system. Speakers are built in. Use your phone to control it. The Uniti series? Same thing, but with more power, expandability, and external speakers. That's it. Every Naim Mu-So and Uniti product is designed to work out of the box, immediately, via their functionally perfect phone app. All of them include wifi, bluetooth and compatibility with almost every streaming service in existence.

Let's start with their entry level, the $895 Mu-so Qb.

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The ultimate compact all-in-one audiophile lifestyle system. Top rated everywhere. 5 stars from What Hifi?

Naim's website can tell you all about how their power supplies are so amazing, and how Naim offers as close to tube sound as you're going to get from solid state. Everyone says that, but in Naim's case, it's true.

Here's just one of countless five star reviews:

"We praised the ability of the original Naim Mu-so to deliver hi-fi sound in a wireless speaker, and the Qb follows in these footsteps with a big, authoritative sound that belies its small stature. It complements the Mu-so’s slightly more refined sound with one that’s a touch more mainstream in its balance, packing a punch in the low end and delivering a real sense of presence and solidity. This confident persona can means...a superb handle on timing for a tight presentation that’s both upfront and exciting. Add to this a whole load of connectivity for streaming to the Qb and it makes for a very comprehensive speaker indeed. While £600 is still a lot of money to spend on a wireless speaker, if the budget is there, there’s no doubt the Qb should be on top of your consideration list."

What Hi-Fi?

How about the next step up, the Naim Mu-so? More power. More speakers. Again, a soundbar that makes other soundbars sound broken.


Naim Muso

Naim's best all-in-one system w/built-in speakers. Doubles as the world's best soundbar.

Another five star review:

"The Naim Mu-so is a seriously attractive product. Everything promised is delivered. This wireless speaker’s performance lives up to the spec-sheet hype – it looks stunning, and that powerful and subtle sound is as close as we’ve heard to hi-fi from an all-in-one unit such as this. It’s more than worthy of a front-and-centre position in your listening room."

What HiFi?

Moving into the Uniti line, Naim offers systems capable of powering external speakers, starting with the 40 w/channel Atom.


Naim uniti atom

Naim's penultimate all-in-one audio player.

"In a way it would be easy to understate just how great a performer the Uniti Atom is, insofar as it’s kind-of what we have come to expect from Naim. But if you end up hearing one and fail to be excited at the prospect of ownership then, quite frankly, there’s little hope left for you."

What HiFi?

Starting to get the picture?
Every. Review. Is. Five. Stars.

How about the next step up, the Naim Uniti Nova, which offers 70 watts/channel and more than doubles the size of the power supply, which is more important than specifications?

Uniti Nova.png

naim uniti nova

Naim's penultimate all-in-one audio player.

Let's check out a Naim Uniti Nova review:

"...if you have the money and inclination, and want a product of overarching convenience that doesn’t compromise on performance in the slightest, you owe it to yourself to hear the Uniti Nova. It’s really very good indeed."

— What HiFi?

Five stars. Again. Read the whole thing for yourself.

Learn more about the Naim Mu-so and Uniti series here, including the amazing Naim Uniti Core Reference Hard-Disk Server and Uniti Star Player/Server.

The Naim Mission Statement:

"Every Naim product is conceived, designed and engineered entirely in service of the sound, revealing a pure experience of music that is as close as possible to its original live source.

We believe that the exploration of sound is an adventure that rewards you with a clarity and connection that becomes more powerful the deeper you travel within it.  Which is why, every element within our systems is crafted to create a silence around the sound, reducing any interference between you and the intention of the artist.  We achieve this through tireless attention to four fundamentals in our engineering:

1) Space: We give each of the critical components their own environment, omitting outside or ‘toxic’ interference, which means no compromise on the purity of sound.

2) Circuitry: We minimise any interplay between the internal levels, so that you can simultaneously enjoy both the quiet and the loud, as originally intended.

3) Purposeful Materiality: We use materials that excel in performance, not just appearance.

4) Technology: We constantly strive for new and innovative ways to achieve our goals, integrating sophisticated electronic design and software development, with mechanical engineering and acoustics to deliver a truly advanced sonic experience."

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