Massif audio design

No Vibrations are Good Vibrations

Origin:  Toronto, Canada

Your hi-end hifi that you paid a small fortune for sounds good, but not as good as you should expect. Why? It very well could be that you've placed it on a nice piece of furniture which was not built with fine audio in mind. It looks great. Sound IS vibration, and your rack or stand is adding unwanted vibration when you play your system, detracting from the purity of the musical signal, which means it simply doesn't sound as good as it should. This concept holds true especially for turntables, but many are unaware that extraneous vibration will also negatively impact the performance of any component through which a musical signal passes, including CD players, amplifiers, preamps and even streaming devices.

Massif Audio Design makes affordable hardwood audiophile furniture specifically designed to house and support high performance audio systems, reducing vibration and improving sound quality. Also, it looks cool as hell, and is available in a variety of colors.

From the Massif Audio Design website:

Structural vibration from music, people, elements, et al. can affect every piece of electronic audio equipment. Vibration misrepresents the signal in audio components by way of the chassis and the feet. Massif Audio Design products are designed to direct vibrational energy away from components as well as isolate and dampen components from external vibration.

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