Grand prix audio


Audiophile racks & turntables using cutting edge technology drawn from aerospace & car racing.

Origin: Durango, Colorado, U.S.A.

Koenigsegg. Pagani. McLaren. Ferrari. Rimac. Bugatti. These hypercar manufacturers represent the absolute state-of-the-art at the intersection of engineering and material science, and they all have one thing in common: carbon fiber. Hypercars require the strongest, lightest materials possible, and carbon fiber is it.

Enter Grand Prix Audio, the first audio manufacturer to build a fully structural carbon fiber turntable — the Monaco (pictured above) — and to apply that same theory to audiophile furniture, beginning with their Monaco Modular Isolation System:

"...Every track and tune and musical challenge I have thrown at the Monaco Modular Isolation System has revealed its extraordinary capacity to improve the way music sounds. EXTRA-ORDINARY SONIC IMPROVEMENT. Not by a dot or a dollop or an inch. Not "sort of" or "kinda maybe: why not, uh huh"? but Holy Shit, can you believe this!"

— Paul Bolin, Stereophile

The Monaco V2 turntable defies all expectations, delivering a night and day improvement over conventional designs using wood and traditional materials. Noho Sound founder Chris Petranis thinks "it makes legacy designs sound broken."

"Now and then, something comes along that resets the paradigm, and the Grand Prix Audio Monaco 2.0 does just that. I think it’s the world’s best turntable."

— Jeff Dorgay, Tone Audio


Monaco modular rack

Grand Prix's Monaco carbon fiber racks have the lowest natural frequency and best resonance control of any audiophile furniture on the market.

From the Grand Prix Audio website:

"Grand Prix Audio, founded in April 2000, has transferred the science of high-end automotive engineering to high-end audio. The relationship of cars to audio equipment is subtle but meaningful. Producing winning race cars requires serious engineering, superior design and tight tolerance execution. Although no lives are at stake, there are similar technical demands in audio. When optimal sound is in jeopardy, proper engineering provides solutions.

In the case of each product—turntables, isolation systems and accessories—Grand Prix Audio’s design team began with a fresh slate and an objective to achieve sonic authenticity. From there we research and develop a design which utilizes the most advanced technology available. We interrogate every element of the structure and discreetly select the best materials for the job. Then we custom design and fabricate each and every part. The outcome is design perfection and acoustically superior performance which re-sets the audio industry standard and enhances your listening experience."


Monaco V2 

Carbon fiber. Carbon fiber. Carbon fiber.

If you want to learn more about carbon fiber and cars, watch Apex: The Story of the Hypercar on Netflix.

Grand Prix Audio online: Grand Prix Audio