Devore Fidelity

The purists choice. Classic design. Designed and manufactured in NYC's Brooklyn Navy Yard. Flagship 0/96 is 2017 Stereophile Product of the Year.

Origin: Brooklyn, New York, US of A, baby.

The first speaker line Noho Sound chose to carry, Devore Fidelity is the audiophile purist's choice. Designed and manufactured in the Brooklyn Navy Yard by John Devore, their O/93 & 0/96 are currently among Stereophile's Class A reference loudspeakers.

On November 20th, 2017, the O/96's (pictured above) were declared Stereophile Product of the Year.

Why? They sound musical, musical, musical...not like those weird, disjointed speakers with too many drivers and complex crossovers. Devore's are characterized by the simplest possible circuitry and wood cabinets and baffles of the highest possible quality, making each speaker a work of art in itself. Every Devore is exceptionally efficient, and can be driven by low powered tube amplifiers, as John likes to demonstrate at trade shows — where his room is a perennial favorite — and the Monkeyhaus, which is what he calls the monthly parties at his factory/testing space in Brooklyn.

"Colorful yet uncolored, the Devore O/96 is the loudspeaker many of us have been waiting for. ...The O/96 is here to stay — as both a commercial product and as a well-loved part of my playback system."

— Art Dudley, Stereophile


Devore fidelity o/93

Devore's penultimate Orangutan is also their second most sensitive, and popular. Stereophile Class A. Just like their big brothers, the O/96.

The entire Devore story is best told by the man himself, who's young enough to have built his website himself and written all his own content. Check out his site and go to the About section.

"The Devore Fidelity 3XL is an extraordinary speaker of refinement, power, projection, delicacy, nuance and detail."

— Ken Micallef,

Devore's lineup is split into two lines, one slim with a slim form factor and one harking back to the classic audiophile speakers of the 70's. The slim series includes the awesome 3XL bookshelf speakers, and the Gibbon 88 & Gibbon X floorstanders. His most popular speakers are the Orangutans, of which there are two: the O/93's and O/96's, differentiated by height and efficiency.

The O/96's are Alex Roy's personal favorite for listening to electronica and Nordic metal like Opeth.


Devore fidelity 3XL

The most popular American audiophile bookshelf Asia. Because tubes. And good taste.


Devore fidelity Gibbon X

Devore's brilliant assault on traditional floorstanding design. "F***ing killer" — Alex Roy

From the Devore Fidelity site:

"Our goal at DeVORE FIDELITY is to create products that communicate the life-breath of music. We believe that the best means to this end combines the art of aesthetics with the science of physics in such a way that each complements the other, and together yield a product far greater than the sum of its parts.

Founded by president and chief designer John DeVore in 2000, DeVORE FIDELITY has gone on to receive universal acclaim for every one if its products, and John continues to push the state of the art in speaker design. John brought his 30 years of experience as a musician, 20 years of designing speakers and 18 years of Hi-Fi industry experience to his company, and, as the Stereophile Newsletter put it in 2005, "DeVore Fidelity is a young company, but at Home Entertainment Shows and CES shows over the last half decade, its products have pulled down critical kudos and consumer raves that more established companies would kill for."

Website: Devore Fidelity