CROFT acoustics

The UK's best affordable tube gear from a company you've never heard of. Until now.

Origin: West Midlands, United Kingdom

Croft Acoustics is Noho Sound's craziest and coolest discovery. Tubes sound better, but Alex, Ron & Chris were desperate to find an affordable line of tube gear that wasn't junk. Amazingly, Croft — the brainchild of British music lovers Glenn Croft and Peter Bruty — has been around for over 35 years, but has not yet found a following in the USA despite stellar reviews in the UK audio press.

We intend to change that.

Croft manufactures a full line of gorgeous, minimalist audiophile amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and phono stages, all of which adhere to Croft's philosophy of "valve amplification designed and built the proper way." The other way being an absolute focus on sound quality for the price, with utterly no bullshit features.

If you want the magic of tube sound quality, designed and manufactured in the UK, this is your entry point. Every Croft unit features point-to-point wiring and selected, matched components, and will last as long as you don't spill scotch or overturn an ashtray into it. Oh yeah, you will have to replace the tubes when they get old. Like tires on a Porsche. Or a Morgan, if you're into English cars, which are built not too far away from Croft's HQ.

"What Glenn Croft has pulled off is a minor miracle, and with great panache. It's well made, the build quality is excellent, almost ghostly quiet. The Croft manfully delivered ample - and more than ample - levels with two of the toughest speakers around. This wonderful little amp appears to drive anything. The amplifier has been taking on bigger, beefier competitors and slaughtering them."

— Ken Kessler, Hi-Fi News

Website: Croft Acoustics