Cardas cables


Zero BS audiophile cables from The Great Northwest.

Origin:  Bandon, Oregon

Cables matter. There's a reason Porsche 911s come with Z-rated tires costing $400+ each. You're not going to get the most out of a McIntosh stack without appropriate cabling, any more than your 911 would with anything less than the best rubber. Only the best cables will facilitate the full potential of your system...which is why we sell only what our ears believe to be the absolute best brands of cable on the market, which of course includes Cardas. Don't believe it? Buy what you hear. Come over and hear it for yourself. Bring lamp cord. Noho Sound Founder Chris Petranis' cat ate through ours. (Luckily, the system was off.)

From the Cardas Audio Website:

Stereo systems depend on the purity of the audio signal. When the cable linking all components together imparts its own sound, the audio signal is corrupted. Cardas created a conductor that absorbs or cancels the noise released by the current fluxuation, by progressively layering strands that share no common resonant multiple. This conductor uses the same mathematical proportioning seen in the worlds greatest concert halls for essentially the same reasons. The infinite indivisibility of the Fibonacci Sequence or Golden Section is a key to controlling resonance. The ratio of ø (Phi), or 1 to 1.6180339887... to (infinity), is the Golden Mean, called Golden Ratio or Golden Proportion   

In Golden Section Stranding, individual strands are arranged so each strand is coupled to another, whose note or beat is irrational with its own, thus nulling interstrand resonance. This is the famous "Silent Conductor". It is the silence of Cardas conductors that allows them to be so uniquely musical and pure.

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