Hardcore, zero BS audiophile furniture in the classic style.

Hardcore, zero BS audiophile furniture in the classic style.

Origin: M*****f****n' Brooklyn, New York, USA

Noho Sound founder Chris Petranis didn't always believe in audiophile furniture. But once he was convinced, he bought two Box units. Zero BS, gorgeous, and handmade in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Box is as solid as great racks get. You could take a blowtorch to one, but we don't recommend it.

Box Furniture comes in a variety of standard finishes; their entry-level models make the designers of the rebadged Ikea found in overpriced Soho stores cry. For audiophile purposes, you'd actually be better off with Ikea, some L-brackets, good screws and a power drill. That budget solution still won't come to close to doing what a Box rack will, which is look gorgeous and actually make a sonic difference.

If you're a wood person looking for the finest audiophile-grade craftsmanship, Box is for you. If not, it's time to move into carbon fiber, which is a matter of taste. Which is best? You'll know it when you see it. Chris and Noho Sound President Ron Kain vote Box. Chances are you will too. Box Furniture is utterly timeless.