Noho Sound & MusicTalks Present Billie Holiday: Live vs Vinyl

Noho Sound & MusicTalks Present:
Billie Holiday: Live vs. Vinyl
Featuring Maya Yahav-Guy & Hila Kuilk
WED, July 25th, @ 8:00pm

Join us July 25th for the Noho Sound Live Vs Vinyl Series at HGU New York's Rose Hill lounge, featuring Billie Holiday performed by jazz vocalist Maya Yahav-Gour, pianist Hila Kulik and MusicTalks' Elad Kabilio back-to-back with a vinyl listening session on the world's finest audio equipment from McIntosh Labs & Focal.


1) Elad Kabilio of MusicTalks tells Billie Holiday's story
2) Maya Yahav-Guy & Hila Kulik perform Billie's greatest hits
3) Ron Kain of Noho Sound spins Billie on vinyl

Did someone say jazz? Cue up the Billie Holiday. If you have to ask...

MusicTalks brings jazz & classical music to an intimate and informal setting. Performed by the finest young musicians, MusicTalks breaks down the barriers between musicians and audience by taking advantage of the intimacy that chamber music provides. With engaging and interactive conversation, the listener is given an experience that truly makes Music Talk.

HGU NYC is NoMad's coolest new boutique hotel. Located in a striking Beaux-Arts structure, it has welcomed countless guests since 1905, its ornate plaster ceilings telling of legendary parties and infamous patrons of old. HGU now hosts myriad nightlife events, and now the Noho Sound music series, showcasing NY's best live music and classic audio systems.

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