Hypercars & Hi-End Loudspeakers: If Sonus Faber = Pagani, does Focal = Bugatti?


Pagani Huayra

Italy's purest hypercar.

The best of anything is always a function of culture, so it makes perfect sense that Italy's best hypercar — the Pagani Huayra — is the ultimate reflection of Italian automotive engineering and design. It also makes perfect sense that Italy's finest hi-end audio company — Sonus Faber — provided the audio system.


Pagani Huayra interior

Note the gorgeous ultra lightweight carbon fiber woofer by Sonus Faber.

But what about the French? France is home of Focal — manufacturer of the $195,000 Grande Utopia EM reference loudspeakers — what is the automotive equivalent? The obvious choice may not be the right one.

Let's start with a closer look at Europe's most extreme hi-end loudspeaker system:


Focal Grande Utopia EM

Europe's best reference loudspeaker system.

What hypercar do the Focals most resemble? Here are the choices:


Porsche 918

Germany's best. For now.


Ferrari La Ferrari

Italy's most famous hypercar.


Bugatti Chiron

France's best.


Koenigsegg Agera

Sweden's best.

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