The world's best all-in-one digital streamers, players and network attached server (NAS) devices.

Origin: Gyungi-Do, Republic of Korea

Aurender is Noho Sound & Stereo's reference audiophile music server/streamer line. A Sonos is perfectly fine as an entry level audiophile streamer, but if you want to get serious, you buy Aurender, Alex Roy's personal choice since the opening of Noho Sound. Why? Because he didn't realize how far streamers and music servers had come since he got out of retail sales 15 years ago. Roy had ripped all his CDs onto his Mac desktop back in 2003, and assumed that Apple Lossless was good enough...and would never be bettered.

Until he heard how much better Tidal sounded when served through an Aurender feeding a good DAC.

Aurender now makes a full line of streamers, servers & players, many of which also serve as digital preamplifiers with built-in DACs. You can spend more, but it's pointless, in our opinion. The list of Aurender's positive reviews — from Stereophile, 6Moons, yadda, yadda — is hilariously long. Here's a start

From the Aurender site:

"We are a team of passionate individuals whose goal is to enrich everyone's lives through innovative products. We build high-quality audio products for both audiophiles and music lovers who want to enjoy operational convenience, simplicity and excellent sound quality. Our products are developed and manufactured in Korea. Product design and Marketing is done in California, USA."

Web site: Aurender