The world's best solid-state amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and digital-to-analog converters.

Origin: Taufkirchen, Germany

Analog Domain is Noho Sound's absolute reference, top-of-the-line, cost-is-no-object solid-state product line. Their amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and digital-to-analog converters are absolutely the best sold-state equipment Alex Roy & Chris Petranis have ever heard.

Unlike the largest amps from other so-called "hi-end" manufacturers that won't double down into 4 and 2 ohms, even Analog Domain's smallest amplifier, the Isis M75P, will drive literally any speaker with virtually no distortion at unlimited volumes.

Designed & manufactured in Germany, AD's build quality makes almost everything else feel broken. Think McIntosh is well made? It is. But Analog Domain is another level entirely.

Analog Domain Apollo


Monoblock Chassis Exploder

Analog Domain's founder Angel Despotov claims everything they make is designed to last at least 25 years without service. Their price reflects it, for every Analog Domain product is designed to be the last of its kind you will ever own.

From hifi+ (11/8/16):

"The Analog Domain Isis 75D is a remarkable feat of engineering: it reveals the potential of doing things differently and opens the sonic window so wide that it’s hard to believe that this is an integrated amplifier. The presentation is so transparent that you need sources that are equally even-handed, resolute, and low in distortion to get a result that matches this amplifier’s capabilities. But it’s worth the effort in carefully selecting those components. There’s no doubt that Analog Domain is a force to be reckoned with, and that the price is well justified under the circumstances."

The Analog Domain Mission Statement:

We love music. 

We aim to build audio gear that is able to reproduce recorded sound with ultimate sonic fidelity at realistic volume levels - the Ultimate Sound Machines.

Our products reflect our own personal values: everything worth doing is worth doing well, and only the best is good enough. We build stuff with extreme specifications, yet are very conservative in its design. Ultimate performance and unconditional reliability are the two invariable features of all our products.

Analog Domain Audio GmbH employs only the brightest, smartest, and craziest, using the latest technology at all stages of design and manufacturing.

We are fanatical about quality. Our products are intended for those special people who demand the best.

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