About us:



Noho Sound & Stereo carries the world's finest premium & hi-end home stereo hifi equipment. 

Before we opened in 2017, founder Alex Roy spent 25 frustrating years as customers at every hifi store in NYC.

Tired of fiery tube amps, broken planar speakers & remote controls dealers were reluctant to fix or replace, he asked Ron Kain — the most successful (and popular) hi-end audio salesmen in the Northeast — to make a list of the most reliable hi-end audio equipment on the market. Also, to become president of a new hi-end audio store with a fresh plan. Basically, a dealer that didn't suck. A store that was happy to have you over — over and over — because we are just like you: music lovers who want something better: the type of store that doesn't exist anymore, and never really did, except in our minds.

Everyone says they love music. Yadda yadda. Who doesn't? Loving something doesn't qualify anyone to sell anything. Of course we love music. We worked our way through college selling hi-end audio before becoming some of the biggest customers in NYC, only to be disgusted at how we were treated once on the other side of the fence. Where was the store for us? Our friends? Our moms? Anyone under the age of 30? Anyone who knows how to use Yelp? That store didn't exist in NYC, so we opened our own. That store is Noho Sound.

We are absolutely committed to delivering the opposite experience of what you will find anywhere else. If music is inherently positive, so too should learning about the best way to reproduce it. You can buy a box from anyone, but if you want to work with people just like you, who listen to the same music, who still go out out, who want you to play whatever you like, who serve great wine, a mean single-malt and keep late hours, Noho Sound is your store.

We get it. And you will, too.

Oh yeah, we also hold live music and DJ events throughout the city, because there's no better way to appreciate the best hifi than to hear the real thing, preferably back-to-back. We do that too.

We can't wait to have you over.

- Alex & Ron